Solutions for a wireless world

We have been helping our customers for years with various projects in the realm of networked solutions for local and global markets. Our experts are available on a project basis to help your business and teams create the necessary solutions. Whether your business is adding new software technologies to existing solutions or are creating completely new solutions based on ideas you might have, we can help you clarify and manage those projects

We can help you with

  • RESTful API rapid development
    • Secure design
    • MySQL databases
    • Firebird databases
    • Rapid development and launch
    • Ready for very high load
  • Mobile device software development
  • Deploying mobile Apps globally
  • Client-Server solutions for mobile apps
  • WEB development
  • High level architectures and designs for networked applications
  • OEM distribution and deal-making
  • Mobile game monetization and distribution

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Our experts are mostly located in Helsinki, Finland, but working globally on an everyday basis is common for us. Whether you just want to use our brains while analyzing feasibility of your ideas or you need us to be hands-on with your development, or let our teams completely develop the solutions for you, we can do it with the highest quality. With over 22 years in the software industry, our experts have seen it all and have extremely strong insight into how things work and how things should be done, and we have partners capable of handling any size, small or large, projects.

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  • Services
    • Use our know-how to your own benefit.
    • Whatever you need to build in terms of software or apps, we can be part of any aspect of the project you need help with. It could be design, management or steering your entire team in the right direction.