About Winwap Technologies

Winwap Technologies is specialized in software technology for networked devices. The products include Browser, Multimedia Messaging, Email, UPnP A/V, USB Modem Drivers and services for integrating and customizing to meet customer requirements. Customers can be found on all continents and the software is embedded into various products on global markets.

Winwap Technologies is privately owned and was founded in 1995 by Mikael Krogius, who continues to run the company today. Since the first days of operation the company has been involved in telecommunications. In 1999 the world's first Mobile Internet WAP Browser for Windows was released and paved the way for the strong focus on wireless software technologies for embedded platforms of today.

At Winwap Technologies we are right at home with projects that have multi-year lifecycles and making sure our technology maintains value for customers during that time. It is further important to us to maintain our flexibility towards customers and ability to adapt to the ever changing mobile climate to continue to provide value to our customers in the long term.

In 2011 Winwap again received the highest credit rating, AAA (by Soliditet):