Solutions for a wireless world
Solutions for a connected world
  • Mature software applications that satisfy common carrier requirements
  • Solutions include software and the expert help by Winwap developers
  • No need to understand the technologies yourself
  • Flexible licensing models

The core technologies offered by Winwap Technologies for different markets and segments of a mobile world are offered together with our flexible support and customization sevices. The software and services offered today can for clarity be divided into three categories as shown below, but does not necessarily need to be categorized. Get in touch with our sales team for detailed information about how our technologies can be provided to fit your technical requirements and business models.

Solutions for OEMs, ODMs, Platform and Silicon vendors

Winwap offers customization, integration, porting and flexible licensing terms for high volume customers. The applications and toolkits are designed to be integrated into devices or software solutions with networking capabilities. The target hardware products include smartphones, navigation devices, USB broadband dongles, Digital Photo Frames, SmartTV's, Blu-Ray players, Set-Top-Boxes, Inudstrial equipment and much much more. The Solutions are provided in multiple ways including binary core applications with API and reference UI in source code or turnkey applications ready for launch.

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Solutions for Developers

The SDK's, Toolkits and Libraries offer a wide range of technologies that can be integrated by developers with other products with little effort. The solutions available include not only the actual software technology but the help and support of our own developers with extensive knowledge on the technologies. Post integration support and maintenance is also provided with flexible terms

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Solutions for Consumers

We provide our WAP Browsers for Windows (and Windows Mobile) for download so consumers can get them right here. Some are free and some can be evaluated for free after which they must be purchased for continued use. Download your own copy right now!

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Other Solutions

At Winwap we constantly work to find better ways to do things, and from time to time it leads to new products that might not be direclty related to the primary business of supplying OEM and similar companies with software technologie. Two of those new products are ViperDialog and ChkIP.

  • ViperDialog is an invention that is designed to allow Managers and Employees to have better performance review discussions. By better we mean that it lets the two think together and the business beneifts from having a workforce pulling in the same direction. Read more About Viperdialog
  • ChkIP is a tool for monitoring the IP address of a Server, Workstation or Notebook. The system is by design quite simple and provides a very effective way of knowing if the IP address of a computer changes. A very simple client application that pings our server regularly is installed on the computer, and everything else happens in the cloud. We even supply a PHP Client for users that prefer to have better insight into what happens in the client and how often it checks for updates etc. Read more about ChkIP