Products from Winwap
Software technology for Professional and Consumer products
  • Software applications, protocols and core functionality for Consumer Electronics
  • Networking and Connectivity focused technology
  • Games and Entertainment Apps aggregated from 3rd parties
  • Long term market focus and product lifecycles
  • Toolkits for easy integration by OEM manufacturer/designer
  • TurnKey applications customized to meet specifications

Winwap has 16 years of experience with software technologies for human communications over digital networks and related technologies. We offer key software technologies for smartphones, navigation devices, networked audio and video equipment, digital photo frames and much more.

We take pride in doing our best not only to design the products to make most sense for the OEM and ODM that integrates it with a device design, but also to had our backend infrastructure support such customers as good as possible. We continously work to find ways to improve our efficiency towards high volume customers and provide them with the best possible experience when working with Winwap.

Complete Applications/ Solutions

A range of products include both the core functionality and UI (User Interface) layer. The products can be either customized to meet specifications by Winwap, or customers can take the source code UI layer and customize and integrate themselves.

Games for OEM MMS Client Email Client  DLNA Solution (UPnP A/V) Wireless Cloud System (DevSyncMan) OEM Browser OMA Download Agent

Software Development Kits

The SDK's or Toolkits are generally software libraries with a powerful API for using them. They come with demonstration source codes, and integration support from the same developers that created them.

MMS Stack SDK WAP Stack SDK SMS Client SDK WinWAPX Browser SDK SDK Documentation

Legacy Products

We provide free versions of the WinWAP version 4 browser for download on this website for some common platforms. The free browser is a mobile internet (WAP) browser primarily with some WEB capabilities for convenience. The version 5 full WEB browser is only available for free evaluation for OEM customers on request.

WinWAP for Windows WinWAP for Windows Mobile WinWAP Smartphone Browser Emulator USB Modem Drivers (Client & Host)