Device Synchronization and Management Solution from Winwap

Winwap is proud to announce the availability of the DevSyncMan solution. This is a complete server and client solution for Device Synchronization (OMA DS) and Device Management (OMA DM) designed to provide device manufacturers with an easy way to offer the functionality for their own devices.

Using this solution an OEM can add remote device sync and backup, device location and remote wiping services as part of the pre-integrated device features. By providing a way for users to get up and running with minimal effort after replacing a lost device, it adds to brand loyalty as well as makes devices more attractive to buy in the first place.

This robust solutions is highly customizable and to save on bandwidth and server side storage the OEM can opt to only enable some of the Management and Synchronization features. There is also a customizable Web User Interface that device owners can visit to access the synchronized data as well as manage and see the locations of their device on a map (requires in-device GPS).

The architecture of the solution is very flexible and can support millions of devices that are managed by, or that synchronize with the server. The solution does not require the device manufacturer to buy any third party database licenses or software. The client side application is also lightweight, and does not consume a lot of system resources.

One of the most popular platforms today is Android, and Winwap's Android client is completely designed for embedded Android devices and will integrate with the system to provide a professional user experience.

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