Hisense Licenses DLNA Compatible Media Sharing Software Stacks from Winwap
Hisense Mobile Communications Technology Co., Ltd ("Hisense") and Winwap Technologies Oy ("Winwap") announce that Hisense has licensed media sharing software technology that is DLNA compatible from Winwap. The license includes software from Winwap, for multiple operating systems and platforms, which Hisense will integrate with various types of products including Smart TV's, Tablet's and Smartphone devices to provide state of the art media sharing functionality.

"Winwap has strong capabilities on software stack technologies, and they also provide flexible support and services, so I hope the technological cooperation between Hisense and Winwap becomes tighter in the future," said Mr. Chen of No1 institute Director of Hisense Mobile Communication.

"At Winwap we are extremely proud to have our products become an integrated part of consumer electronics manufactured by Hisense. By using software from Winwap to provide the Digital Media Server, Digital Media Player and Digital Media Controller functionality on various connected platforms and devices it provides great reference of how flexible the software from Winwap really is," says Mikael Krogius, CEO and founder of Winwap Technologies. Mr. Krogius adds that "Winwap and Hisense intend to continuously work together to improve on the already mature user experience to strengthen the Hisense product lines."

About Hisense
Hisense owns Hisense Electronics (600060) and Hisense Kelon Electronics (000921), two companies listed on the Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong stock markets, and has become the only one group which holds three famous brands in China: Hisense, Kelon and Ronshen.

Hisense TV, Hisense Air Condition, Hisense Refrigerator, Hisense Mobile Phone, Kelon Air Condition and Ronshen Refrigerator are all marked as famous brands in China. And Hisense TV, Hisense Air Condition and Hisense Refrigerator to praise the China State Inspection-Free products. And Hisense is also in the first group that has received the China Export Inspection-Free qualification.

In the 21st century, Hisense uses their strong R&D capabilities, and the perfect international management team to quicken the steps to expand the business, which includes multimedia, home electronics, communication, smart information systems and modern real estate and service. Hisense sales income reaches to 71.6 billion CNY in 2011, and the position lists in the front of the China Electronic Information TOP100 list. Hisense is a member of the Digital Living Network Alliance.

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About Winwap
Winwap Technologies is specialized in software technology for networked consumer and professional electronics. The products include Browser, DLNA compatible media sharing, Device Synchronization and Remote Management, Email client library, Multimedia Messaging solutions, USB Modem Drivers and services for integrating and customizing the products to meet customer requirements. Customers can be found on all continents and the software is embedded into various products on global markets. Winwap Technologies was founded in 1995 by Mikael Krogius. Winwap Technologies is privately owned.

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