Winwap Games announced - a subsidiary focusing exclusively on mobile game publishing
Winwap Technologies have started a subsidiary that will only focus on Game Publishing. The new company, Winwap Games, will exclusively work with game developers to publish their mobile games on global markets. As the game publishing business is more consumer oriented then the traditional business of Winwap Technologies, the gaming related efforts are moved to a separate company and a brand precense more suitable for gaming will be built. This is a long term investment by Winwap with a target to become a strong influencer and top publisher for mobile games.
Small game studios and indie developers can benefit greatly from using services by Winwap Games in order to properly launch, market the game and analyze player behaviour in order to aquire more playes and maximze the games monetization.
Winwap Games expects to officially publish the first games under the new company in Q4 of 2015 and quickly add more games to the portfolio over the next year. Some game purchasing and licensing functions, Chinese publishing efforts and OEM related game business will still continue to be performed by Winwap Technologies.

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