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Distribution of Apps & Games
  • Do you have Apps and Games, and are looking for more revenue streams?
  • Need help getting your specific games noticed by the large OEMs and Appstores?
  • Do you want to get your Apps and Games pre-installed on devices by manufacturers?
  • Do you want to add your Apps and Games to more Appstores?

Winwap offers game distribution services for developers and content providers. We are professionally talking to both consumer electronics manufacturers, and appstore providers, on many markets. Winwap is always looking for new high quality content to distribute to our OEM and Appstore customers that are located primarily in China and Taiwan. We can market your games directly to the decision makers so that they without doubt are aware of your titles, while maximizing the share of revenue you get for your products both for pre-installation and appstore business models! Get in touch with us and let us know what games and applications you are offering, as we might, right now, know of some customer looking for the type of games or apps you offer! 

Appstore distribution

On many Asian markets, the telecom operators/carriers and device manufacturers add their own appstores to their Android devices, instead of offering the Google Play appstore to consumers. The reasons for this vary, but for the game vendor it means there is additional revenue to be made! And Winwap can get your apps and games onto those appstores! So contact us and let us know what sort of games and apps let Winwap make more money for you.

For complete game publishing services on all markets including Google Play and iOS Appstore, contact Winwap Games ( which is a full game publishing service house. This company will take over Winwap Technologies mobile gaming publishing business over time, starting from Q4 2015.

OEM Manufacturer pre-installation

Manufacturers of consumer electronics that integrate screens, or that are designed to be attached to a screen, are looking to add value to their products by offering pre-installed entertainment on the products. Winwap is constantly looking for new games and apps to satisfy the requirements of these OEM companies. If your company offers products that are suitable for customization to work with different sorts of input and controller mechanisms, you could make additional revenue from licensing the software for pre-installation by manufacturers.

However, be advised that working with OEM manufacturers requires that you know how to work with them and you need to have the right contacts with the companies. Winwap is offering to act as your representative and distributor, and you only have to worry about providing quick technial support when needed. The rest of the negotiation and marketing is handled by Winwap. If you do not have the resources to make necessary changes to the games, that can also be handled by Winwap through our various development partners.

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