Games for the OEM
Selecting the right Game

Most high volume consumer electronics today have quite powerful CPU's and a screen on which information is showed. All these devices can include games. But, for a OEM manufactuer it might be difficult to find a reliable supplier who is willling to work on OEM terms, that can provide the type of game that is suitable for the specific device design and target market. 

Winwap closes this gap. We work with both OEMs' and Game vendors and negotiate great deals on games with game vendors, while providing these products on business and technical terms that are acceptable to the OEM.

Winwap will help the device manufacturer to find Game titles, that are suitable for the market segment and device capability requirements. To help find games that are suitable for the specific device and it's customers, the OEM can provide Winwap with information that includes the following:

  • Price range of game / Device distribution volume
  • Requirements for exclusive rights on specific markets
  • Langauge of users (localization requirements)
  • Operating System/ Hardware Architechture 
  • Hardware screen resolution
  • Details about motion sensors, remote controls and other input devices that should control the game

By working together with the maufacturer and the game vendors, Winwap will filter out game titles that are the best match for the requirements. 

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