Free Winwap WAP Browser for Windows Mobile

We are now giving away WinWAP for Windows Mobile 6 professional for FREE! No registration required, just download from our website and install.

WinWAP 4.2 for Windows Mobile is a browser that provides complete WAP 2.0 and WAP 1.2 browsing, and it's now completely free on both Windows and Windows Mobile.

For OEM manufacturers and designers we offer our Winwap Browser version 5, that provides full WEB browsing capability in addition to supporting the WAP markup languages WML and xHTML-MP. Winwap Browser 5 is a very light browser designed for platforms with limited memory and CPU resources. The browser supports JavaScript, Ajax and all the other features needed to display regular WEB sites (for FLASH a license from Adobe and integration is required). The browser is available for Windows CE, Windows, Arena (TD-SCDMA) and Linux based platforms.

Winwap Browser 5 is only available for high volume customers that preintegrate with their hardware. Please contact us for further information about licensing or evaluating Winwap Browser 5.

About Winwap Browser for OEM:

Free Downloads for consumers:

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