Products from Winwap
Winwap OEM Browser

Add browser capability to your connected device. Winwap's OEM Browser offers:

  • User Interface in source code
  • Small memory footprint
  • Low cost and Flexible licensing
  • Add browsing capability to your custom device
  • Integrate with your design yourself; OR
  • Let Winwap integrate for you

Our version 5 OEM browser is a light independent browser with full WEB browser capability and some WAP capabilities. Your requirements set the balance of WEB vs. WAP in this browser, and we can customize to meet your specific needs. The Browser has its own proprietary browser core, which is designed to provide full browsing functionality on WinCE, Linux and other RTOS (Real Time Operating System) based devices where memory and battery resources are limited. It can easily be ported to new/other platforms.

For environments where the mobile web is more important than regular (full) web, we offer our version 4 WAP Browser, which includes some WEB capabilities as well for generic WEB use when WAP is not available. This browser has a totally separate browser core from the version 5 browser. Version 4 was designed specifically for the mobile internet, and is a completely WAP 1.2 and 2.0 compatible browser including WAP Protocol Stack which can be shared by the MMS Client on the same device to save resources.