WinWAP Smarphone Browser Emulator FAQ

How do I navigate with the Smartphone Browser Emulator?

WinWAP Smartphone Browser Emulator Click the center navigation-buttons up, down, left or right arrows to scroll the screen and select links on the screen. On the lower left and right of the screen thefunction for the soft-buttons are displayed. The soft buttons on the right and left of the navigation button (with arrows on them) activate the function displayed for that button. The function for the soft-buttons change depending on what you are doing with the browser.

For example when a link on screen is selected you can click on the right soft-button that has the "Ok" function on it to open the page the link points to.

How do I exit the Smartphone Browser Emulator?

You can exit the Smartphone Browser Emulator by pressing the RED (end-call) button, or right clicking on the skin and selecting Exit from the pop-up menu.

How do I change the skin?

To change to another skin you can right-click anywhere on the browser, and select "Choose skin" from the pop-up menu that opens. A skin is a switchable picture  you can use to change the way the browser looks on your screen. More skins are available for free download .