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The UPnP Stack SDK is a Library and Application to realize DLNA functionality. The solution lets a device manufacturer add the UPnP AV (a.k.a DLNA) functionailty to their product with WiFi or other network capability. The product is available as a customer integrated module or with complete integration by Winwap.

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By adding the Winwap UPnP AV Stack SDK to any networked device, the device can:

  • DMC - Control other devices that share Multimedia or Player capability in the network
  • DMS - Share it's multimedia with other devices in the network
  • DMR - Share it's player capabilities with other devices in the network

  UPnP-DLNA Connected

For further information please download the following PDF docments with further information or contact us !

 Available immediately for the following Operating Systems:

  • Android
  • GoogleTV
  • Linux
  • Symbian
  • iPhone
  • Windows(32bit/64bit)
  • Brew/BrewMP available soon!