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SMS Client SDK

The SMS Client SDK is a complete library for sending/retrieving SMS messages from your own software application. It provides the encoding and decoding of messages, including MMS Notification Indication SMS messages. The library is quick and simple to start using from your own applications.

When implementing the SMS Client SDK into your own applications you gain SMS sending and retrieving functionality from your own solutions. An extensive set of methods, functions and events provide full control over the SMS Client SDK, making it simple to send or retrieve SMS messages.


It is a quick and simple process to begin using the SMS Client SDK. The library comes with source code samples and API documentation that show exactly how to use it so that you can get quickly started even without having much knowledge about SMS. You can create a wide array of tools for automatically or manually sending/retrieving SMS messages. All features are well documented and the methods, functions and events are easy to use.

Note about MMS: Telecom Operators typically send special SMS message notifications that a new MMS (MultiMedia) message has arrived. Using the SMS Client SDK together with the MMS Stack SDK provides you with the means to retrieve and send MMS messages through a GPRS/GSM modem/device.

Free evaluation

To reduce your risks when deciding upon adding SMS features to your own solutions we provide you with a chance to evaluate the SMS Client SDK for free. During evaluation you will get familiar with the library and can establish how well it provides the functionality you need. When evaluating the library our engineers will provide you with free support and technical advice so that you do not have to spend valuable time to figure out what to do.


The SMS Client SDK is typically licensed for a one-time fee with optional support and maintenance. Royalties apply when a product using the SMS Client SDK is distributed or used internally in quantities. Please contact us for a quotation.

Maintenance and Support

As part of the licensing terms we optionally provide you with Maintenance and Support for the SDK. We constantly work to improve the software in all ways possible and work very closely with our customers to find out if any improvements or modifications are needed. We consider Maintenance and Support to go hand in hand, as support in some cases require that some addition of functionality is required which would be considered Maintenance. In these cases we try to add the required functionality without additional cost to you if possible.

General Capabilities 

  • Use SMS functions of GSM modem over serial connection (RS232 or USB)
  • Retrieve SMS messages from GSM device
  • Send SMS messages using GSM device
  • Get & Set device PIN, Battery level, Signal quality and many more settings...
  • Easy to use & implement in any programming language
  • Extended samples in C/C++, VB and Delphi

Supported SMS Protocols: Direct device communications

!Available for the following Operating Systems

  • Windows 7, 8, 10, Server
  • Can be ported to other Operating Systems
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Examples of using the SMS Client SDK

  • Automated SMS message sending
  • Manual SMS message sending
  • SMS testing, measuring and assurance
  • Retrieving MMS (Multi Media) messages
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