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Monitor your IP Address

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  • Keep track of the IP (external and internal) address your PC is located at.
  • Track what networks your notebook is using when travelling.
  • Know the external IP address of servers you need to access.
  • See the geograpic location of the IP address.
  • ChkIP sends an email (to any amount of recipients) when the IP changes.

Email your IP address, to yourself or anyone else, automatically!

If your ISP gives your computer, or your router/gateway, a dynamic IP (Internet Protocol) address that changes from time to time, you can email your IP address automatically to your friends and office/home so that you can find your computer for remote access regardless of the constantly changing IP address. If you use your computer remotely or need to have other people access some server functionality on your PC you can let them know what your IP address is automatically when it changes by letting ChkIP handle the situation.

ChkIP constantly monitors your IP, and once you connect with your modem or your IP changes for some other reason, ChkIP will detect it automatically. And ChkIP will also resolve the geographical location (99% of world covered on City level, and approximately 80% correctly resolved within 25 miles of true location) of the IP address and include the information in the email and online logs so you can track where your computer is.

ChkIP can also additionally send you the IP address daily, whether it has changed or not. The Daily Email can include the result of a Ping to the last IP address to help you determine whether the system at that IP address is still alive or not.

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