Solutions for a wireless world
Solutions for OEM's and SoC's

We have a dedicated line of software applications designed to be integrated with mobile devices ranging from simple microprocessor products to fully featured smartphone and computer devices.  Our solutions include the services of our key developers with extensive know-how and the longest of experiences with the mobile browsing and messaging technologies. By having our professional team provide integration support or customize the applications for your platform it gives you time to focus on everything else and will help you get a short time to market with your device.

Integrating with embedded platforms

Integration can be either handled by Winwap's team or alternatively we can provide SDK versions of the software with or without the User Interface in source code format for easy customization. For a lot of the embedded platforms specific toolchains are needed to build for the target hardware or emulators and in these cases Winwap's developers will work closely with the customer's team to iron out any issues with building the software for the specific platform.

Licensing terms depend on platform, porting, customization and the business model of the customer so please contact us for more information about licensing. Winwap applications add value to many solutions and products, including Mobile devices (PDA, PNA, GPS, Smartphone and Featurephone devices etc.) and could be integrated with any type of product that may benefit from adding browsing and messaging capabilities of the Winwap applications.

  • The applications are gloablly interoperable with available infrastructures and carrier services.
  • The applications are stable, mature and in use in the most demanding environments, such as measuring and testing WEB, WAP and MMS services, as well as deployed on a range of wireless devices on different markets.
  • All applications include capabilities required by Telecom carriers in the USA, Greater China and Europe.
  • Browser, MMS and Email capabilities create new markets for devices that previously has not included such functionality.
  • Winwap offers the applications at competitive prices and flexible licensing terms.

Some of the main solutions we offer for high-volume customers:

The new Winwap version 5 with full WEB and WAP capabilities is available for a very wide range of platforms. The browser is available as a ready to install binary object code product that has been customized and built for a specific platform or as a Software Development Kit with an open User Interface that allows customers to change the look and feel to match the rest of the applications on a device.

More information about the Browser applicationRead more about mobile internet browsing

The Multimedia Messaging client is using the MMS and WAP protocol engines by Winwap that are very stable, mature and tested to be interoperable with all major telecom providers. All your device needs is the basic TCP/IP capabilities our WSP/WTP or WP-HTTP protocols run on top of and we will provide everything else so your device get's full MMS Messaging capabilities. We can also separately offer audio/video codec solutions. The MMS Client has been ported to Windows Mobile, Soleus and a customer specific platforms based on Windows CE, and we are happy to offer a port to your platform.

More information about the MMS Client applicationRead more about multimedia messaging

The Email Client provides full email reading and sending functionality for the mobile embedded device. The product is easy to port to other platforms and is provided with an open User Interface that allows for deep integration into the target devices functionality. All the underlying POP3, IMAP, SMTP technology is well documented and flexible.

Read more about the Email SDK and Client

The DevSyncMan Wireless Cloud System is a combination of a Server Component running in the cloud, a Client Component that is installed on each device, and related services provided by Winwap to maintain and configure the total system. The solution provides a simple way for the OEM/SoC to offer users of devices advanced synchronization (backup) of their devices Over The Air, as well as provides a system for managing, maintaining and tracking the devices remotely from the main DevSyncMan Cloud Server. The complete system can be very precisely customized to provide exactly the user experience and functionality the specific device design or line of products should have.

Learn more about the Wireless Cloud System (DevSyncMan)