Solutions for a wireless world
Solutions for Consumers

For consumers and end-users we offer our Browser for download from this website, as well as a number of large software sites on the Internet. Some of the versions we offer are only free to try out for 30 days after which they must be purchased, while we also offer a free Smartphone Browser Emulator that copies the behaviour of the browser on a real phone (down to the fact that you must use the buttons of the phone drawn on screen to scroll up/down and open the menu).

Any person with a device or computer running one of the supported platforms of these "shareware" or "freeware" versions can download these builds and install on their computer or mobile device themselves. Historically since the first launch of WinWAP for Windows in 1999 the WinWAP for Windows browser has been the tool of choice for most mobile site administrators, content editors and mobile developers as the browser provides a very quick way for testing and debugging the a mobile website on your Windows PC without having to actually use your phone's browser. The browser additionally includes many features convenient for web developers like viewing the source code and HTTP headers of the fetched URL.

Download your own copy now!