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Visual Performance Dialog

The Visual Performance Dialog is a visually focused tool for making cyclic leader/employee discussions valuable to the company. ViperDialog is designed to boost the leader and employee to think together. The innovative and visual interface is a unique system for a more effective manager-employee dialog that leads to common understanding on how to reach best possible results and implement the strategy. This powerful way of creating a dialog is alone reason enough for leaders and organizations to start using ViperDialog. The system also includes complete management of performance discussion documents, tools for conducting meetings and statistics for senior management.

Winwap Technologies is the technical partner of this newly developed product. The ViperDialog tool is located at

ViperDialog Demo

 ViperDialog Features

  • Easy to use, even for employees without lots of computer experience.
  • Visual approach gives better dialog (thinking together) when compared to traditional methods.
  • The leader uses the visual action plan during follow-up, performance appraisal, feedback and coaching.
  • Employee database with tools for managing it.
  • Arranging employees into logical units/groups.
  • Automated scheduling system for meetings.
  • Invite one, a group of, or all empolyees at once.
  • Complete customization of Dialog values:
    1. This allows for injection of corporate strategies and getting maximum awareness among employees of key goals.
    2. Allows to create value subsets that make more sense to different groups of employees
  • Statistics with powerful filtering system for Senior Managment, to overview the complete performance appraisal processes and see grouped responses to find where things are going right and/or wrong.
  • Employee review results are stored, and can be reviewed again at later times. Planning is part of the implementation.